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• Increased storage space and web shop
• SQL support
• Collaborate online


Professional corporate website

effective online collaboration!

  • A unique domain name (i.e. or relocation of a domain name is included
  • The markets best email service with Microsoft Exchange 2007
  • Check your emails, contacts and calendars online and via your mobile phone
  • Use Microsoft SharePoint and share documents, files and project status
  • Get started in no time with the user-friendly publishing tool
  • Select the preferred design and include news pages, contact forms, blogs and much more
  • Make the business visible in search engines such as Google and Yahoo
  • Automated antivirus and spam filters
  • Perform market surveys online – better understand your customers
  • Profile your business and allow employees to collaborate online today!

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  From £16.90 /month excl. VAT.

Only £7.90 excluding VAT per
extra user of Active BusinessMail (MAPI)

Functionality in Active Web & eMail Professional: 
Mamut eZ Publish – a professional website solution
Mamut eZ Publish allows you to create professional and visible websites quickly and easily. Today, it is more important than ever that your businesses is online, both to meet customers’ expectations and as a tool for increasing sales in today’s uncertain economic climate.
  • Easy to get started and maintain
  • Extensive functionality and possibilities
  • Enables increased sales through search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Offers a network for customers with blogs and forums
    Read more about Mamut eZ Publish
Active eMail – secure and user-friendly email services
With Active eMail, small businesses can communicate more effectively through emails including the businesses unique email address. We run a secure and complete service so that you can concentrate on sending and receiving messages; this includes using email via the internet when you are away from your computer. Based on Microsoft Exchange 2007.
  • Provide immediate responses to customer enquiries regardless of where you are.
  • Avoid emails being unanswered over long periods of time.
  • Increase perceptions of your business through creating your own domain name (
  • Appear more professional with personalised business email addresses (
    Read more about Active eMail
Active BusinessMail – emails, contacts and calendars on your mobile phone
Mamut and Active 24 provide you with the markets best mobile email and communication service so that it is just as easy for you to work “on the road” as if you were in the office. Access emails, calendars, contacts and much more – anywhere, at any time!
  • Access shared emails, appointment calendars, as well as contacts.
  • Access up-to-date information on your mobile phone and via the internet
  • Allows your employees to get more done while on the road, and between meetings.
  • Make the most of the markets best email service at an affordable price.
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Microsoft SharePoint – effective collaboration and information sharing
In order for projects to be carried out without problems, it is important that everyone involved is up-to-date on the project status at all times, and that they have access to the same information. Active 24 prepares your business for this with the help of an online information portal based on Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Improve collaboration with effective sharing of files, lists, calendars and project status.
  • Eliminate the need to search for documents on different file servers.
  • Take control of meetings, agendas and contents.
    Read more about Microsoft SharePoint
Active SQL - a professional database
With Active SQL you can safely store and retrieve data for dynamic pages and online development with an SQL database. You receive all of the possibilities that a standard SQL provides, but you escape the work associated with installation, operation and maintenance.
  • We offer MS SQL 2008 and MySQL5.
  • Everything you require for storing and retrieving data.
  • Save time and money on IT operation.
  • We tailor solutions to meet your needs.
  • Available as an additional service.
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Google AdWords – be visible to those searching for your products
With Active 24’s user-friendly and cost effective website solution, together with an advertising package from Google AdWords (keywords) your business will be more visible on the internet; you will increase your chances of being in contact with new customers, and increase your sales.
  • Increase your customer base. Advertise towards people searching in Google and within their advertising network.
  • Target your advertising towards those actively searching for information about your products and services; where you have the greatest chance of making sales.
  • You have complete control over costs, and only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement; you determine the click price.
    Read more about Google AdWords
Mamut Online Survey – get an overview of what your customers think
Are you curious about what your customers think? Do you want to learn more about your customer base and therefore create long lasting, exceptional relationships? With Mamut Online Survey you can effectively create and publish surveys.
  • Easily create surveys yourself.
  • Publish on the internet or send the survey to customers.
  • Get reports including graphs at the click of the mouse.
    Read more about Mamut Online Survey
Security & Service
Active web & email professional
Professional websites and effective online collaboration!

From £16.90 /month excl. VAT.

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